Regular & Decaffined Espresso Pods

(1 box: 150 piece) Mambocino Cialdi Parigi Espresso Pod 6,67 gram
(1 box: 150 piece) Mambocino Cialdi Parigi Decaffeined Pod 6,67 gram
No need to buy an additonal grinder to serve decaf espresso.
Coffee is ground to give the best flavor profiles with beautiful crema.
No messy cleanup from escaped coffee grounds.
Perfect Weight: All pods are the exact same weight to ensure unity.
Perfect Briquettes (55 mm): All pods are formed into a briquette to ensure the perfect cup. No tamping necessary.
Perfect Freshness: Hermetically sealed and nitrogen flushed, with less than 2% oxygen in each pouch. Means a fresh cup every time.
Perfect Extraction Times: 20 to 25 second extraction time, every time (9 bars).